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Together, let's create extraordinary stories by nurturing the ordinary

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In short, we connect the younger student community with experts from unconventional life paths. We believe that every good story deserves an audience, and every curious mind deserves nurturing. So, we're making an effort to bring together the experienced and the developing young on the same platform to help yield fruits in the form of stories and educational content that the world can enjoy and learn from. Hence the name.

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A glimpse in 3 simple steps


We connect with the student, understand their background, needs and aspirations through a questionnaire first and then an interview. The goal here is to understand what aspect can an experienced master help with that is not available through passive sources like books, videos, blogs etc. If the requirements and expectations fit, we move to the next stage.


Based on the aspirations and needs of the student, we start looking for experts with a significant experience on the path the student is curious about. We identify relevant experts and share their profiles and experience with the student to select the best fit. On consensus, we finally reach out to the expert.


Once the expert accepts the invitation to join as a guest on the podcast, we send them an initial list of questions and areas we're curious about and are seeking their guidance and wisdom on. Finally, after the recording, we create community groups that our listeners can join to connect, collaborate and share ideas and resources with other students with similar interests to help them get started on their own journey.

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"We die trusting the living who follow to find meaning in our lives!"

Erwin Smith

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